Coxmoore is loved by intelligent, confident and dynamic people – those who understand quality and craftsmanship, and who know that luxury is the by-product of unique experiences and should never be an aim in itself. Men who wear Coxmoore appreciate the sophistication that comes from finely considered details, and relish the unexpected touches that are the hallmark of true luxury.


For almost a century, Coxmoore has played a defining role in the manufacture of quality British knitwear. It is a craft that is in our hearts and in our blood, because our native city of Nottingham has been the home of the British knitwear industry since 1589, when the wooden knitting frame was first invented.


Genuine craftsmanship never dates; it is the quality that eventually distinguishes the vintage from the merely passé. British knitwear has a global reputation based on the excellence of its yarns and its meticulous fabrication processes. Coxmoore’s own process includes no fewer than 17 separate steps, reliably flawless yarns and immaculate hand-finishing.


Coxmoore’s signature style draws on a broad variety of sporting sources for inspiration. Our casual clothing blends functionality with a certain dynamic elegance. The timeless yet contemporary appeal of the designs ensures effortless transition from outdoor activities to somewhat smarter casual occasions; from the beach to the yacht club bar.


Coxmoore have always had a keen eye to the future, which perhaps explains why we have been around for so long. Our vision of enduring relevance is founded on a well-proven blend of timeless design, responsible values, ethical production and a refreshingly progressive approach to evolving technology.